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Directors Guild study spotlights gender inequity in film

December 10, 2015

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A new study shows that of the 376 feature filmmakers who released movies in the last two years, less than seven percent were women.

The Directors Guild of America released the dismal statistics as part of its inaugural feature film diversity report Wednesday. White men comprise more than 82 percent of the filmmakers; non-white men make up just over 11 percent.

The same study shows that women represent just three percent of directors of big box-office titles. Directors of films distributed by major studios are 96 percent male.

DGA president Paris Barclay said the guild hopes its report will “draw further attention to this serious matter so that industry employers can develop concrete director diversity plans.”

Earlier this year, the American Civil Liberties Union asked state and federal agencies to investigate whether discrimination is to blame for the dearth of women behind the camera in Hollywood. Some female directors have since reported receiving letters from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission seeking to learn more about their experiences on the job.

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