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Rock Star Shoots Near-Record Bear With Bow, Arrow

October 10, 1988

DETROIT (AP) _ Rock star Ted Nugent, ″the Motor City Madman,″ says he has bagged one of the biggest black bears ever taken in Michigan with a bow and arrow.

″When I saw him for the first time, I just couldn’t believe how big he was,″ Nugent, an avid hunter, said recently.

The bear was estimated to weigh 525 pounds dressed (cleaned and eviscerated).

Ed Langenau, a big-game specialist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, said the bear - by weight - was among the top six ever taken in the state. The heaviest was 613 pounds dressed.

Nugent has has hunted grizzly bears in Alaska, mule deer and elk in the West and big game in Africa.

Nugent, a resident of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, said he tries to hunt as often as possible, though sometimes it’s hard to get away.

″We did 132 concert dates from Dec. 5 to May 15, so when I get the chance to hunt, I’m gone, man,″ he said. ″In fact, I’m on my way right now. It’s whitetail season and I go buck fever.″

Nugent already has plans for his prize kill.

″Oh, it’s already split up,″ he said. ″I make sure that everything I kill, I eat. Hey, by the way, I just had some bear meat egg rolls last night.″

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