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Newspaper Says It Will Stop Publication

December 30, 1985

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ The Columbus Citizen-Journal will cease publication after a joint operating agreement with the rival Columbus Dispatch expires on Tuesday, the Citizen- Journal said in its Monday editions.

Under the operating agreement, the Dispatch distributes and prints the Citizen-Journal and sells advertising for it. The papers’ editorial departments are separate.

The Dispatch Printing Co. announced in 1983 that it did not intend to renew the operating agreement it had since 1959 with the Citizen-Journal, a morning newspaper with a circulation of about 120,000 that is published Monday through Saturday.

The Dispatch, which publishes in the afternoon, has announced that it will become a morning newspaper Jan. 1.

The Citizen-Journal also reported that Nyles Reinfeld, an Akron-area businessman, said he has abandoned his efforts to buy the newspaper from the Cincinnati-based Scripps Howard.

Danield Castellini, Scripps Howard financial vice president, was quoted as saying the company would ″have something to say to say Monday,″ but he declined further comment.

Reinfeld said he decided to back out of negotiations because investors had not committed $1.5 million needed to continue publishing the Citizen-Journal .

″We were short $100,000. If we had three more days, we could have pulled it off. We were that close,″ Reinfeld said.