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MANCHESTER, England (AP) _ English soccer players voted overwhelmingly in favor of striking Friday in a dispute over TV revenue, setting the stage for a possible walkout this month.

A strike can still be averted, though. The union said the Premier League asked to resume negotiations Monday.

The Professional Footballers' Association said 2,290 players voted in favor of a strike, and only 22 voted against.

The dispute centers on the amount of money the PFA receives from the Premier League for player education and welfare, which is mostly used for players in the country's minor leagues.

The PFA wants 5 percent _ or $35 million a year _ of the league's $700 million annual television income. The Premier League offered $14.5 million.

A strike would only affect televised games, and the PFA would have to strike within a month and give clubs a week's notice. The Premier League is expected to apply for a High Court injunction to stop any strike. The league claims a strike would be illegal because players' contracts are held by clubs and not the leagues.

The first game affected by a strike could be Arsenal vs. Manchester United on Nov. 25.

``You've got to be disappointed about the vote, but I'm still hopeful of a negotiated settlement,'' Manchester United chief executive Peter Kenyon said. ``That has to be of benefit for everybody _ and it's in everybody's interests for that to happen.''

The Premier League and Football League said the strike vote came as ``no surprise'' and confirmed they want to negotiate a deal.

The closest English soccer ever came to a strike was in 1961, when the PFA forced clubs to abandon the minimum wage.

The PFA held strike ballots in 1992 and 1996, and both times received 90 percent backing from its members. But a strike was averted each time when the league gave in to demands.

The Premier League maintains that the PFA has no contractual right to a piece of TV revenue. The 20 Premier League clubs said last month that the $14.5 million offer was not negotiable.