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September 28, 2013



ATHENS — Two top officials of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party are arrested on charges of forming a criminal organization, marking the first time since 1974 that sitting members of Parliament have been arrested. By Demetris Nellas. SENT: 280 words. 500 words expected by 1000 GMT.


ANTWERP, Belgium — In today’s world of cruise ship travel, it is easy to forget how life-changing boarding a steamer once was. When young Sonia Pressman Fuentes stepped aboard the Westernland II ship in Antwerp with her family on April 20, 1934, it was the biggest leap she would ever take. “It made it possible for me to be alive,” the Jewish feminist leader said, recalling her family’s flight from the Nazis. Pressman Fuentes was back at the original docks of this huge North Sea port for Friday’s ceremonial opening of the Red Star Line migration museum, which shows how millions of Europeans steamed across the ocean toward the United States and other parts of the Americas over the past two centuries. By Raf Casert. 570 words. Photos. Moving at 1100 GMT Saturday


LONDON — If a political commentator has brawled with a protester on a seaside promenade, and a lawmaker has been suspended after calling women in his party “sluts,” it must be political conference season in Britain. Every autumn, the country’s political clans gather in holiday resorts or provincial cities for meetings that are part pep rally, part campaign pitch and part political sideshow. And with all of the country’s leading political players going through rough patches, they need all the conference cheer they can muster. By Jill Lawless. SENT: 970 words. AP Photos.


MADRID — Anti-monarchy protesters hold a demonstration to demand the abolition of Spain’s royal family amid a string of problems that have hurt King Juan Carlos’ popularity. By Harold Heckle. 130 words by 1630GMT, more on merits.

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