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January 14, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ In a memorial service for director Sam Peckinpah, the master of cinematic violence, actress Ali MacGraw recalled how he ″absolutely demanded the best″ and actor James Coburn said working with him was an adventure.

Peckinpah, 59, who raised violence to new levels in movies like ″The Wild Bunch″ and ″Straw Dogs,″ died Dec. 28 in Mexico of heart failure. In the new Hollywood tradition, his friends gathered Sunday, but not in mourning.

″Working with Sam was an adventure,″ said Coburn, who appeared in ″Cross of Iron″ and ″Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.″ He said, ″Sam took me by the hand to the cliff, pushed me over the abyss and then jumped in after me.″

″He was difficult sometimes, but never, I thought, without reason,″ said Miss MacGraw, who appeared in ″The Getaway″ and ″Convoy.″ ″He absolutely demanded the best, and you weren’t going to get away with anything less.″

About 350 people attended the ceremony at the Directors Guild Theater, where actor Lee Marvin quoted the Bible: ″I have fought a good fight. I have followed the course. I have kept the faith.″

Film clips were shown from ″Ride the High Country,″ ″The Wild Bunch″ and ″Junior Bonner,″ and Kris Kristofferson, who appeared in ″Convoy,″ sang and played a rather ribald song he had written in Peckinpah’s honor.


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Artificial heart recipient William Schroeder lent his support to a fund-raiser for an 18-year-old woman from his home state who needs a bone-marrow transplant and watched a televised basketball game with his doctor.

″Congratulations to all of you for being a part of saving this girl’s life,″ the 52-year-old Jasper, Ind., resident wrote in a message that was read at the Saturday night fund-raising dance for leukemia victim Ann Masterson of New Albany, Ind.

″Best of luck and God bless you,″ he said. ″I will always be grateful to you for your prayers and encouragement - Bill Schroeder and family.″

Schroeder, who receive the artificial heart Nov. 25, and his wife Margaret, were invited to the fund-raiser but could not attend, said Humana Hospital Audubon spokeswoman Linda Broaddus.

On Saturday, Schroeder watched Louisville squeak by Florida State 63-62 with Dr. William DeVries, who performed the implant surgery.


LONDON (AP) - Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, has returned to her residence at Kensington Palace after her release from a London hospital where she underwent surgery on her left lung.

The 54-year-old princess, looking pale and drawn Sunday, walked the few steps to a car outside Brompton Hospital in Kensington accompanied by members of the hospital staff, and was driven to the residence at the western edge of Kensington Gardens park.

Hospital sources, who spoke on condition they not be identified, said the princess was advised to give up smoking. She reportedly smokes 40 to 60 cigarettes a day.

She was admitted to the hospital Jan. 5 after suffering chest pains and underwent surgery the next day. A medical bulletin later said that doctors removed lung tissue for tests and nothing malignant was found.


CHICAGO (AP) - Science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov says computers could become ″an indispensable adjunct of the judge’s bench″ by improving the efficiency, speed and fairness of the criminal justice system.

Computers will reduce ″petty and useless casework that clogs the courts,″ Asimov wrote in this month’s edition of the American Bar Association Journal. ″They should welcome computerization with glad cries.″

Lawyers armed with computers could predict ″whether a client will be judged guilty or not, whether damages will have to be paid and how much,″ he said. As a result, there will be fewer appeals, faster trials and fewer cases. Asimov, a biochemist who also writes non-fiction, said he is not worried about computers ″removing humanity from the courtroom ... subjecting questions of justice, of punishment and mercy, to a coldblooded machine.

″A machine would have to be coldblooded indeed to match the coldbloodedness of human beings in courts.″

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