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Mother of Premature Newborn Pleads With Abductor for Boy’s Return

May 16, 1991

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) _ The mother of a five-pound premature newborn kidnapped from a hospital nursery pleaded Thursday for the abductor to return the twin.

″Baby Kevin, it’s been so lonely wondering where you could be,″ Sandra Chavez told reporters at Memorial Medical Center.

″There’s so much emptiness in our lives not having you here. We had no intentions such a bad thing would ever happen,″ she said, reading from a letter to her missing son.

A woman posing as a medical student kidnapped Kevin Daniel Chavez on May 10, a day after he and his twin brother, Kristopher, were born at Memorial Medical, authorities said.

It was the second public plea Mrs. Chavez, 21, and her husband, Jerry, 23, have made for the baby’s return.

FBI Special Agent Doug Beldon said numerous sightings of women matching the description of the abductor have been reported, but investigators have tracked 200 to 300 leads with no success.

The parents, a family priest, a pediatrician and others at the news conference wore blue bows in support of the search for Kevin.

″Our lives will never be complete until you are home safe with us. Mommy and daddy can see pain in little Kristopher’s eyes,″ Mrs. Chavez said. ″We want you to know that we love you very, very much and pray to God that your return home to us is soon.″

Dr. Tim Herndon, the couple’s pediatrician, said the greatest risks to Kevin are jaundice and the possibility he will not gain enough weight.

″Kevin is a premature baby. He was born 4 1/2 weeks early and because of that there’s increased risk to his well being,″ Herndon said.

Kevin needs to be in a ″normal environment″ and free of stress, he said.

Herndon begged the abductor to take the newborn to a pediatrician for a checkup.

″There are some things that may not be taken care of. You may not be aware of those needs. He needs to be seen by a doctor,″ Herndon said.

Mrs. Chavez appealed directly to the abductor.

″If you are listening to me, I know you care for children. I know you will not hurt him. I know you are aware of how much I need to hold him and have him back again,″ she said, struggling to hold back tears.

″You are not a bad person. God will help you get your own child. I will pray for that. Please let me have my baby back,″ Mrs. Chavez said.

Frank Quijada, a special agent for the FBI, said more than 20 agents are working on the case.

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