Reedsburg woman charged with meth possession after Sauk City arrest

April 5, 2019

SAUK CITY — Police called to a Sauk City gas station Tuesday allegedly encountered one man unresponsive with a heroin needle in his lap, another man asleep while standing up and a woman in possession of meth and other drugs.

The incident has prompted prosecutors to file felony charges against a Reedsburg woman, 47-year-old Sherry A. Drews.

According to the criminal complaint, a sergeant with the Sauk Prairie Police Department called for backup around 11:19 p.m. regarding three people that he suspected were under the influence of drugs.

A second officer who arrived on scene learned that one suspect was leaning against the gas station, seemingly asleep on his feet, while another was in a nearby vehicle, unresponsive with a hypodermic needle sitting on his lap.

After the man inside the vehicle came to, the sergeant asked him what was inside the syringe. He responded, “Probably heroin,” according to the complaint.

The two officers searched the vehicle and allegedly found a plastic baggy with a white powdery substance inside a purse that belonged to Drews. The complaint states they also found a pouch containing a needle kit, alcohol wipes, a cooker and tourniquet.

Also in the purse, police reported finding a silver container with three prescription pills they later identified as Baclofen, a muscle relaxer.

The Sauk County District Attorney’s Office has charged Drews with felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of an illegally obtained prescription. The felony charge carries a maximum possible penalty of 3½ years in prison.

No other people have been charged in the incident.