Left should work on building bridges -- David J. Rizzo

August 23, 2018

A letter to the editor in Monday’s newspaper refers to President Donald Trump as a hyena, and anyone who has the temerity to agree with the president’s policies as an equally nasty, greedy and conniving scavenger.

Progressives never miss an opportunity to disagree, disavow, reject or renounce anything done or said by the president, while collectively insulting his followers with a flood of rhetorical scorn. All this from members of the party of inclusiveness, especially in Dane County where, comfortably ensconced with an 80 percent majority, they’re immune to retribution.

They conveniently ignore the crimes, misstatements or other foibles of politicians, celebrities and social activists with whom they agree. This behavior is justified by a fervent devotion to the mantra “nothing is wrong as long as we think it’s right, and only we have rights when we feel wronged.”

I agree that understanding is a bridge where people meet in the middle to find solutions. But a maniacal fixation on repudiating all things Trump can hardly be interpreted as a genuine invitation to engage in productive dialogue and will ultimately lead to a bridge that goes nowhere.

David J. Rizzo, Fitchburg

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