Beatrice couple have called Gage County home most of their lives

October 11, 2018

Franklin and Betty Damrow have lived in Gage County most of their lives.

Betty, 91, was born on Sept. 9 in Goodland, Kansas and moved to the Beatrice area when she was 8 years old. Frank, 96, was born on March 12. he was born and raised on a farm a couple miles south of Beatrice.

Both Damrow’s graduated from Beatrice High School and prior to high schoo,l Betty attended school in Diller. Frank attended a one-room school house until eighth grade. After high school, Frank spent three years total in service during World War II.

“When I was in the military I went in at 20 years old, spent about two years overseas, about 25 months til the time I got back,” he said.

When he returned from the war, Frank worked at Dempsters for three years before he decided to farm. The Damrows were married on Sept. 7, 1947, and the two moved to the Diller area after buying a farm.

“It just seemed like home when I came back from the service,” Frank said. “I wanted to stay home and farm in this area.”

While Frank farmed, Betty worked at Gales Studio where she learned to love photography and painted pictures.

“I liked Gales you know with photographs and things, got me interested in that,” Betty said. “I used to paint photographs.”

Betty was also working at the post office in Diller during that time. She decided to retire in 2000, well after her husband had retired from farming in 1988. Frank and Betty have three children - two daughters, Margaret and Peggy, and a son, James. They still live near their parents.

The couple moved to Beatrice in 1999. It was not until February of this year the two moved into The Kensington. Betty said that they like to sit downstairs and watch the traffic on Court Street when they get time. They also partake in some of the activities The Kensington offers.

“We take part in some of their activities around here like play bingo or go on bus rides,” Frank said.

According to their Kensington birthday sheets, Betty’s bucket list items are to visit her brother in Lincoln and to return to her birthplace in Kansas. Frank’s wish is to ride in a hot air balloon.

The two have enjoyed many vacations in their 71 years of marriage. They have been to Hawaii, Texas, Colorado and they attended the “World’s Fair” in Tennessee.

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