Rhodes-Conway has progressive vision -- Patrick Hasburgh

March 10, 2019

I am supporting Satya Rhodes-Conway to be the next mayor of Madison.

I met Rhodes-Conway 10 years ago when she was my City Council member here in District 12. Back then, I was part of a group trying build the first public skatepark in Madison, and Rhodes-Conway was one of our earliest supporters.

We were a rag-tag group who didn’t know the first thing about navigating city politics. But the guidance and support Rhodes-Conway (and Ald. Marsha Rummel) provided at the time helped us secure the initial funding for what is widely regarded as one of the best skateparks in the Midwest: the Goodman Skatepark.

It was Rhodes-Conway’s progressive vision and experience that got our project off the ground back then, and it’s her continued progressive vision and experience that has earned my support today.

I can’t wait to see what Rhodes-Conway does as Madison’s next mayor.

Patrick Hasburgh, Madison