Mayoral candidate Dustman responds to election result

November 9, 2018

Candidate William Dustman lost the race Tuesday for mayor of the City of Ludington, receiving 723 votes compared to 2,411 votes for the winning candidate, Steve Miller.

On Wednesday, Dustman commented to the Daily News about the results of the election, both for the mayoral race and for the Ludington City Council races. He said he is disappointed by the results, both in which candidates were elected and in the number of voters.

“I won’t say anything about Steve Miller,” he said. “But the people of Ludington are unbelievable. They didn’t vote. If the numbers I heard were right, (only) 1,800 people voted, with 8,000 people in the city. I guess they deserve what they get.”

To read the full story, check out Thursday’s print or E-edition of the Ludington Daily News.

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