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Mother and Baby and Mother and Father Doing Well

October 13, 1994

AKRON, Ohio (AP) _ Nicholas Belsito was born at 10:02 a.m. Wednesday. Mother and baby - and mother and father - were doing well.

The boy was born by Caesarian section to a surrogate mother a day after a judge ruled that his birth certificate should name his genetic parents, Shelly and Anthony Belsito.

Ohio law says the woman who gives birth must be listed as the mother, but Judge W.F. Spicer said technology has outpaced the law, which makes no allowances for such advances as in vitro fertilization.

The Belsitos donated the egg and sperm to create the fertilized egg that doctors implanted in the uterus of Mrs. Belsito’s sister, Carol Clark. Mrs. Belsito can’t bear children because of cervical cancer.

The Belsitos went to court to be recognized as the parents after learning that the law would have required Mrs. Belsito to adopt the baby.

No one, including a lawyer appointed to represent the fetus, opposed their request.

″Today’s the happiest day of my life,″ Mrs. Belsito said at the hospital, where she and her husband had been present for Nicholas’ birth.

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