MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ President Joseph Estrada, who faces a Senate impeachment trial next week on corruption charges, said Saturday he looks forward to the process as a chance to clear his name.

``This is the chance I've been waiting for to prove that there is no truth to the charges against me,'' Estrada said in a weekly radio and television broadcast.

Estrada is charged with bribery, graft, corruption, betrayal of the public trust and violation of the constitution. Most of the charges are based on accusations that he accepted millions of dollars from gambling lords and excise taxes intended for tobacco farmers.

On Friday, Estrada filed a formal response to the impeachment complaint brought by the House of Representatives last month. He denied all the charges against him.

The 11 House lawmakers acting as prosecutors must counter Estrada's response by Wednesday. The trial begins Thursday. Estrada will be removed if two-thirds of the 22 senators vote to convict.

A coalition of business people, workers and leftist activists have demanded that Estrada resign to avoid a drawn-out trial they say could further damage the economy, already hurt by political uncertainty.

In a 30-minute ``special report'' at the beginning of his broadcast Saturday, Estrada lashed out at his critics _ particularly two predecessors, Corazon Aquino and Fidel Ramos, both of whom have called for his resignation.

The president's comments focused on economic troubles and alleged corruption under Aquino and Ramos and highlighted Estrada's successes in 2 1/2 years as president. It was intended to ``show the people that life is better now than in the past two administrations,'' he said.