Branch out this year and make your own Christmas tree skirt

December 5, 2018

Christmas decor has finally exploded at my house and this year we welcomed a new, 7-1/2-foot tree to the mix. We now have our old tree, decorated with some whimsical, memory-filled ornaments in the family room while my new flocked tree fills up a good portion of my front room. With gorgeous icy blue, white and silver decorations, this new tree is a beauty, but it’s missing one thing — a tree skirt.

I’ve tried for years to find tree skirts I’ve fallen in love with, but every year end up draping a soft green blanket or red throw around the base of the tree. Not this year. With two trees, it’s officially time to create my own skirt, or two, for these artificial evergreens. Whether I decide to pull out my sewing machine or not, or even enlist the carpentry help of my husband, here are my favorites. For more, visit our Christmas board on Pinterest.

No-sew, no problem

Whether you’re looking for a tree skirt that is billowy and bold or a simple, minimalist style, you can easily create your own skirt. Lace, burlap, felt, tulle, fleece, buffalo check, poinsettia-rimmed, button bedecked or just a simple gorgeous, wintry fabric — all of these patterns and materials can be easily transformed into the perfect adornment under your tree.

Try this knotted fleece version. From 3 yards of fleece, cut two circles the same size you desire. Open up the circles and lay on top of each other. Make cuts 3 inches into the skirt, continuing to cut about every 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches around both circles. Then, on the top circle only, fold each fringe and make a 1/2-inch slit in the center where the fold is. Realign and pull the bottom fringe through the slit.

Applique all day

Beautifully pieced, appliqued tree skirts have become family heirlooms with their delicately sewn patterns constructed from a variety of brightly colored fabrics. Holiday scenes of gingerbread, Santa and his elves, nativity scenes, wreaths of holly or poinsettias and even delicate snowflakes become stunning, handcrafted treasures.

For those who don’t have time to create these masterpieces, you can still have the same look. Simply buy a plain tree skirt, some Liquid Stitch fabric glue and several dozen embroidered appliqués and patches in your desired theme. Simply lay out the tree skirt and arrange the patches in your desired pattern, then glue in place. Let dry overnight and then adorn the bottom of your tree.

Box it up

This is probably one of my favorite ideas for a perfectly farmhouse Christmas tree.

Instead of wrapping the bottom of the tree with a skirt, place the base of your tree — real or artificial — inside a wooden box or crate. For some added charm and holiday enhancement, “stamp” your rustic crate with a seasonal saying like “North Pole Freight Co.”

One easy way to create this look is to use an old, square planter box. Make sure to measure your tree stand to ensure it will fit inside. Paint the box in a rustic red or whitewash look. Stencil your desired tree farm phrase on the front of the box. When dry place your tree inside, making sure it’s secure. Add some burlap or fiber fill to create a rustic or wintry look.

— Jennifer Durrant

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