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Ousted Editor Defends Articles That Call For Killing Mentally Ill

January 14, 1995

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The ousted editor of a local Mensa chapter newsletter said she didn’t see the harm in publishing articles that called for killing the homeless, elderly and the mentally ill.

``I didn’t think it was harmful; I don’t think it’s even that offensive _ nobody wants to have a deformed child,″ Nikki Frey said before she was forced to resign from the volunteer post.

Frey came under attack for defending articles written by two Mensa members for the November issue of Lament. The articles proposed that people ``who are so mentally defective that they cannot live in society should, as soon as they are identified as defective, be humanely dispatched.″

One article suggested Adolf Hitler’s greatest offense wasn’t the killing of 6 million Jews but ``the fact that his actions prevent a rational discussion of the creation of the master race.″

The chapter’s executive committee called for Frey’s resignation by a 5-1 vote Thursday. Hers was the dissenting vote.

Frey will oversee the February issue, which will be reviewed by a local Mensa officer before publication, said Gerry Casanova, spokesman for American Mensa Ltd., the parent organization of the group for people with high IQs.

The previous editor, Andy Cohen, will oversee the March issue.

Mensa is a social organization for people with IQs in the top 2 percent of the public, as judged by accepted tests. There are about 55,000 U.S. members and 100,000 worldwide.

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