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Girls Say They Were Denied a Pizza for Lack of Immigration Papers

November 21, 1994

STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) _ Three teen-agers claim a cashier refused to sell them a pizza because they couldn’t prove they were legally in the United States.

The girls, two Hispanics and an Indian, said the incident took place three days after California voters passed Proposition 187, which would deny schooling, welfare and non-emergency health care to illegal immigrants.

The teen-agers told The Stockton Record that a cashier at The Graduate restaurant asked for naturalization papers when they ordered a pizza on Nov. 11.

″The kids are humiliated,″ Freda Alvarez, parent of 13-year-old Selina, told USA Today.

Restaurant manager Glenn Plank said he doubted anyone refused to serve the girls.

″We have probably 75 percent Hispanic customers,″ he said. ″I doubt we’d turn anyone away. It’s silly.″

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