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Rep. Carol Miller: W.Va. has many infrastructure needs to fight for

Staff WriterMay 19, 2019

West Virginia has so many amazing things to offer, from the natural beauty of our hills, to the resource-rich land which powers our nation, and the Mountaineer spirit in each and every West Virginian is unrivaled. With this, we have a unique opportunity to move our state forward.

Since joining Congress, my goals have been clear. I am focused on diversifying our economy, creating jobs, protecting our energy industry, growing tourism, and making sure that our state remains a place where every single person can continue to work, live, and raise a family. One common factor which stands at the center of all of this is our infrastructure and the need to improve it. It’s no secret that we are a beautiful and geographically unique state, with mountains, rivers, gorges, and valleys blanketing landscape. We have one of the largest roadway systems in the country. We’ve suffered through natural disasters like flooding and mudslides, and we all know we need substantial improvement in our broadband, water, sewer, and electricity systems. I’ve seen this firsthand as I’ve traveled through the district we live in, and I’ve heard the challenges from our neighbors in towns throughout southern West Virginia. Once I arrived in Washington, I was motivated to join the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in order to give West Virginia a voice on these important issues which affect all of us.

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