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Capitol Hill lawmakers working to update how bills are drafted, published

Gabriella Muñoz The Washington TimesMay 27, 2019

“Schoolhouse Rock!” taught generations what it takes for a bill how it hopes and prays that it will to make it from Capitol Hill to the president’s desk. But members of Congress are looking to update that lesson for the 21st century.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bipartisan modernization committee took the first small steps last week, offering up suggestions to standardize how bills are drafted and published, to make committee work available in online databases, and to make lobbyist information more readily available.

“Transparency in Congress promotes more accountability to our constituents, and that’s a good thing,” said panel Chairman Derek Kilmer, Washington Democrat, and Vice Chairman Tom Graves, Georgia Republican, in a statement. “These bipartisan recommendations are just the first step towards making the legislative branch more effective and accessible for the American people.”

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