Provo mother, 7 kids hoping for clothes and hope this holiday season

November 23, 2018

Everything was looking okay six months ago for a Provo mother and her family. She had her seven kids even planned to help another less fortunate family this holiday season.

That was before the rent for their apartment skyrocketed, before the mother’s work transferred her to another location and cut her hours in half and before she became sick because of her pregnancy.

“My finances went from being okay to where I’m actually struggling right now to even provide shampoo, body soap and toilet paper for my kids,” the mother said.

The family does not have a tree for Christmas, but the seven kids are hoping to get at least a few essentially clothing items for the holiday.

“They know we are in hard times right now. So they are even grateful for even a little bit of stuff,” the mother said.

Her kids, ages 2 to 18, are in need of long sleeve shirts, snow boots, socks, pants and jackets for the winter.

The oldest girls also included makeup as gift ideas, while the younger children included books, barbies, cars, card games and cartoon movies on their Christmas List.

The kids also listed several genres of books on their lists like comic books, comedy books, fiction and educational books.

The mother is still searching for a second job and hopes to have finances back to where they were before. She is also planning on finding a house to move to instead of living in an apartment.

“I’m trying to pull myself together,” she said. “Emotionally, it just breaks you,”

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