Rome Montessori students sing for peace as part of a 24-hour worldwide event

September 22, 2018

Thaddeus Grant, 4, a student at the Montessori School of Rome, displayed wisdom beyond his years Friday when he said peace meant, “sharing with your sister.” While probably not a global definition of peace, it is certainly a good start. Grant and his mates at the school in Rome joined Montessori students from around the world Friday in a 24 hour sing-a-thon for world peace.

Headmistress Shemi Kumar of the school at 165 Dodd Blvd., brought all 146 students together in a big circle in the library for the event and learned that “peace” certainly means different things to different children.

“It’s something we hold in our hearts all the time,” Kumar told the children. Kaleb Pearson, 10, said peace was, “caring about others.”

The entire student body sang and signed “Light a Candle for Peace,” over and over for five minutes before returning to their various classrooms.

Newman Attaway, 8, said peace was “being nice and being kind.” Molly Echols, 6, said peace meant a sense of calmness to her. Abby Samia, 6, said that peace meant being quiet.

The Montessori School of Rome has 146 students enrolled this year. They hail not only from Rome and Floyd County but from several neighboring counties, and the Centre, Alabama area as well. Students representing more than a dozen nationalities are also represented at the school, giving world peace a jump start here in Rome.

The Rome school was founded in 1980. The Montessori method was started by Italian physician Maria Montessori in 1907. She was Italy’s first female physician, but is renowned internationally for her pioneering work in education.

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