2018 BMW X2 a Sport Activity Vehicle!

September 23, 2018

When it comes to designing new vehicles BMW hasn’t got the memo that a box exists, and that they should at least shoot for it. After having brought to market a new idea in the four-door Gran Coupe, the X2 has now arrived and, of course, it is also way outside of any box that most would consider normal for the automotive industry.

With a designation as an SAV or Sport Activity Vehicle, most folks would be left to wonder what is a SAV? We, of course, really had no idea either, but were very excited to find out what BMW considered and SAV especially seeing that the word “sport” was involved in that equation.

From the exterior looks of the new X2, there is a whole lot of sport DNA injected into the vehicle, that from our first glance could have been a version of a compact crossover with a lower roof line. Said roofline, however, seemed to be more coupe-like in design and placement. There was even a sort of wagon look with this lowered roof line as the designers have pushed the C pillar rearward, so it is no longer part of the rear door.

The new design really works in the sports category. The SAV now appears from the outside to have a force inside to be reckoned with that will really appeal to younger buyers. Even those like us that would like to keep some excitement in their lives as empty nesters would find it appealing.

After a week with the new X2, we would probably put it more in the ‘hot hatch’ category as it certainly qualifies in the looks department, comes complete with a hatchback and got to 60 in 6.3 seconds, just a mere .3 seconds slower than the VW Golf GTI.

The big difference came down to the higher SUV-like seating positions which appealed to us age-challenged drivers. It fact, we actually had to schedule the days between us to drive the X2; we each liked it that much. The only complaint we possibly could have had was with the slightly lower roof line we, OK mostly I, had the tendency to bump his head from time to time getting into the SAV.

Other than that, the Beamer behaved like a very sporty compact SUV or hatchback, the steering was precise and easy with acceleration that was incredible for a small 2-liter engine. The engine may be small, but it is being used in various different BMW’s here in the U.S. In the X2, it is tuned to make 228 horsepower with 258 ft-lb of torque which comes into play very early at 1450 rpms.

Since it is a twin turbo-charged arrangement, we did find the X2 to have a short turbo lag when starting from a complete stop. There was a good 1,001 count before things really started to happen. This of course had us thinking more about making a quick turn across heavy traffic, it was something that we got used to it after a couple of days driving the X2.

Out on the road when moving, the engine performed without any hesitation, especially when more speed was needed to pass or freeway traffic. The best part was after over 400 miles of mostly urban driving, the SAV was averaging 29.5 mpg: very impressive for a machine of this caliber.

Included was a sport mode which did increase the fun factor when motoring around, however, we spent most of the time in normal mode, finding it more than adequate for the everyday drive. Craig had the opportunity to take a trip up to Ogden one day, which turned out to be the longest ride in the X2, so the mpg was gained mostly from around town excursions.

Other than a true ‘Sunday Drive’ with Craig’s mom Pat where we went to the end of the left hand fork of Hobble Creek Canyon and then out for a tour around Vineyard, that originated from our home in Springville, we were very impressed to beat the EPA numbers by almost 4 mpg.

With the completely new design, which we did get way more comments, even from non-car folks wanting to know what kind of car we were driving, was it really a BMW? And most importantly, did we like it?

Be advised that the X2 starts at a very good price of just $38,400 which includes many options that are extra in other places such as heated seats and steering wheel, rain sensing windshield wipers and all the extra DNA that we would expect from a BMW. However it is very easy to push the price over $50,000 without much effort with some very excellent options offered by the manufacture.

The Premium Package added a heads up display and touch pad control to the navigation system, along with remote emergency and other services offered by BMW. We have always liked the heads up display in a BMW, but one has to ask if adding this and the other options is worth $2,600.

The other big addition to our test ride was the MSport Package which gave the X2 some extra appearance options, a sport transmission and suspension upgrade and one year of XM radio. We did like the way the X2 handled these options, but they came at the price of $4,650. An addition that we would most likely make but a little more sport injection seems to add just that little extra we enjoy in the everyday drive.

Get outside the box and go see the new SAV from BMW in the form of an X2, you will not be disappointed from what is sure to be a new category of automobile from a manufacture that always has something new up their sleeve to introduce. See the X2 at BMW of Pleasant Grove, 2111 West Grove Parkway, 801-443-200.

Base Price: $38,400

Price as Driven: $50,920

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