Jail roof may need to be replaced

September 27, 2018

Gage County is evaluating its options for the latest part of the jail that needs repaired.

It was previously brought to the board’s attention that the roof of the jail was leaking, and it’s now being discussed if a new roof is needed for the building.

At Wednesday’s County Board of Supervisors meeting the board didn’t take action on an agreement with Skyline Construction for the firm to negotiate a new roof with NIRMA, the county’s insurance carrier.

County building and grounds manager Dave Jones said the roof had two leaks that were previously patched.

While the leaks were being patched, Jones was informed of further damage to the roof.

“From what we saw it looked like there was 36 hits on the roof from hail,” Jones said. “There might be more.”

Jones requested an evaluation from Skyline Roofing, and said the company was concerned with putting that many patches on the 13-year-old roof, while insurance adjusters don’t want to have the roof completely redone.

He added there are a significant amount of damaged spots on the roof.

“I went up there and did wash that roof,” Jones said. “It’s dark and sappy looking so you have to wash it to see the damage. It’s just little hairline circles in there. It doesn’t look like there’s anything there until you really start looking and then you do see these, so I’m sure there’s a lot of them that I did not see.”

Jones said Skyline came up with a proposal to work directly with insurance, though the board ultimately declined to take action on the agreement Wednesday.

County Attorney Roger Harris recommended not hiring a vendor as a consultant for the project.

“You’re going to hire a consultant, that’s a consultant,” he said. “I would highly recommend that you not book a consultant agreement with a project. Any time you have a vendor as a consultant it becomes an issue.”

It was stated that the county can currently argue the jail needs a new roof because of hail damage. Concerns were raised from some board members that if the roof is patched in several areas and starts leaking again at some point that insurance adjusters would claim the leaks were caused by a third party company doing patch work and not want to cover a full replacement.

Discussion regarding the roof is expected to continue at future meetings.

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