Local journalism deeply appreciated

August 11, 2018

After reading a grateful letter to the editor several weeks ago about accessible recipes with easy-to-find ingredients, I laughed out loud when I saw the Tuesday Taste section.

Content from the New York Times is often a refreshing reminder of our small town’s connection to the broader world, yet I found myself wondering, “Where in Douglas County does one purchase buffalo mozzarella?” Well, this is the land of pioneers and self sufficiency, is it not? Very well. Step one: Find a lactating buffalo.

In all seriousness, though, we are deeply fortunate to have a high-quality daily newspaper in a town of this size. We should not take for granted the combination of your commitment to coverage of local news and your ability to connect us to the interests of the larger nation and world.

Most importantly, in The News-Review, I consistently read opinion pieces that I think are too far right, and other pieces that I think are too far left. And this is precisely the kind of balance that helps us all break out of our bias bubbles and gain exposure to the thoughts of those with whom we do not agree. Good journalists are the truest friend of the people, and your work is deeply appreciated.

Danielle Williams


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