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Police Horse Hits Car Door; Driver Saddled With Ticket

June 8, 1990

DETROIT (AP) _ A man whose car door was flattened by a police horse says it was the last straw when he got a ticket for obstructing traffic.

Kirk Hudson, 27, was parked at a meter in downtown Detroit on Feb. 8 when he opened the driver’s side door of his Honda Civic and, ″there was this blur of brown hair and a black boot going by and I heard ‘crunch, pop,’ and the hinge popped out of my door and the door was flattened against the car.″

Magistrate Thomas Shannon of 36th District Court dismissed Hudson’s $70 ticket Thursday after a police witness failed to appear.

Hudson said his insurance company paid the $1,700 in damages, calling it ″an act of God.″

Hudson said Officer Paul Priemer, a member of the Detroit Police Mounted Section, shouldn’t have tried to ″skinny his horse,″ Ollie, between the cars.

Priemer, who said Hudson should have looked more carefully, said his boot and Ollie’s chest got caught on the door.

″It scared me,″ Priemer said Thursday. ″It scared the horse. Either this horse is powerful, or that door is real cheap.″

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