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Burn Western Musical Instruments That Distort Culture

June 2, 1985

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) _ Authorities burned thousands of Western musical instruments in public squares Sunday, saying they distorted Arab culture and heritage, the Libyan news agency JANA reported.

The instruments, which JANA said were burned in the Green Square in Tripoli and the Seventh of April Square in Benghazi, ″have no tie with the society of the masses and contribute to the distortion of our genuine Arab culture and heritage.″

It said all Western musical instruments would be destroyed in the future, along with ″all materials and propaganda equipment that may prejudice our arts and traditions.″

The news agency did not specify what other materials might fall into that category.

The destruction of the instruments was conducted in accordance with the ″Green Book″ of Libyan leader Col. Moammar Khaddafi, which specifies that ″people are harmonious only with their own arts and heritage,″ JANA said.

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