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Rappers Launch Song to Stop Gang Violence With AM-2 Live Crew

June 15, 1990

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A collection of the country’s leading rap singers went on national television Thursday night to launch a new song aimed at stopping gang violence.

Ice-T, Tone-Loc, Young MC, MC Hammer and N.W.A. and others sang ″We’re All in the Same Gang″ on the syndicated talk show ″The Arsenio Hall Show,″ seen in 204 television markets nationwide.

The song, in which various rappers sing different verses, is part of Peace Weekend, an attempt to curtail gang violence this weekend and in the future.

″This is just a stepping stone,″ rapper Tone-Loc said on the television show, adding that children must not succumb to peer pressure and join gangs.

″All you have to do is get ‘em while they’re young and kick ’em in the butt,″ he said.

Ice-T, a former gang member, said gang violence is moving into the suburbs.

″People don’t care about anything unless it’s in their back yards,″ he said. ″We’re all in the same gang, we’re all in the same race - the human race.″

The performance was organized by Michael Concepcion, a founding member of the Crips gang. He uses a wheelchair because of a gunshot injury he suffered while a gang member.

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