Big cats to catch

August 5, 2018

A local angle who loves catching the big cat does guide services on his time of from his regular job.

Brad Boles who I met a few years back stated showing up at my shop and telling me he can catch big cats all the time and here I sit thinking I’ve heard this before. Tell me something different like I can throw a 100 mph fastball or something. But a time past I’ve seen the fish all time and how he rigs up for the big fish, and my mind was changed and this old dog is about to learn something from a young pup. He does know his stuff. If one is looking for a chance to catch large cats and learn a few things you can contact him at (402)-270-1409 or contact Geno’s.

It is now August and time flies of fishing contest ends Aug 31 and the leaders are:

Largemouth bass, Daniel Seelhoff, 5 pounds

Channel cat, Ron Zoucha, 28-pound 8-ounces

Flathead cat, Jake Kohl, 58 pounds

Crappie, Tessa and Addison Whits, 3 pounds

Walleye, Andres Marrero, 8-pound

Drum, none checked in

Wiper, none checked in

Don’t forget about the turtle races same time same place at Columbus Days.

Dan Kneifel is the manage of Geno’s Minno Mart in Columbus. His column on fishing and other outdoor activites will appear Saturdays during the seasons.

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