Man can’t stop the forces of nature -- John H. Pickle Jr.

August 17, 2018

In the last week or so have you noticed the beautiful red sunsets, haze in the atmosphere and the smell of smoke in the air? This is the result of man-made pollution. It is the result the western forest fires.

A fire in Colorado was set on purpose and the suspect is an illegal immigrant from Denmark. Homes have been destroyed, millions of dollars have been spent and lives have been lost. The pollution factor over the northern states, and damage to the environment is significant.

Let’s see what the climate change supporters are going to do about this. Here is your chance to control a pollution event. Are you going to protest? Help fight the forest fires? March on Washington? Tax the man who started it? What?

This is currently impacting air quality, forest ecology, private and government property and endangering the lives of wildlife, pets and humans -- and you can do nothing. These tragic events are much too big for we humans to really stop.

Just like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, wild stuff happens. We try to survive.

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi

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