CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) _ Police had a tall order when they had to arrest 7-foot-4, 540-pound professional wrestler Andrae Rene Roussimoff, known as Andre the Giant, on charges he clamped a headlock on a television cameraman and damaged his equipment.

''Thank God he was cooperative in the arrest,'' said Assistant Police Chief Jim Barnes. ''A guy that big, he could cause some damage.''

Roussimoff, 43,was charged with assault and criminal mischief and was released after his manager posted $1,200 bond Monday.

Barnes said Roussimoff became upset when Ben Hildebrandt, a cameraman for Cedar Rapids station KCRG, filmed a match between Roussimoff and the Ultimate Warrior on Monday night. The Ultimate Warrior won in 30 seconds.

Roussimoff told Hildebrandt, described by his station as less than 6 feet tall and about 175 pounds, that it was illegal to film the match, Barnes said. He said the two exchanged words and then Roussimoff put the cameraman in a headlock.

KCRG assignment editor Cindy Will said Hildebrandt shot only pictures of the crowd.

Hildebrandt was treated for bruises at a hospital. Will also said Roussimoff caused about $300 damage to Hildebrandt's camera.

Steve Planmenta, a spokesman for Roussimoff, would not comment.


TOKYO (AP) - Dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov says he wants to do more theater after the Broadway adaptation of Franz Kafka's ''The Metamorphosis.''

Compared to dance, theater ''is a different process, but not less satisfying. In certain ways it is a lot more challenging thing to conquer, which creates an extra edge, an extra excitement and fear,'' Baryshnikov said in an interview Tuesday.

He was visiting Tokyo to kick off the 50th anniversary season of the American Ballet Theater.

The superstar announced last month he would retire from the ballet company he joined after defecting from the Soviet Union in 1974. He had been the company's artistic director since 1980.

Despite a series of knee operations in recent years, Baryshnikov, 41, said he would like to continue dancing as well as acting. He said he plans to dance in a new ballet by Martha Graham in October.


LAS VEGAS (AP) - Rodney Dangerfield's lawyer says a lawsuit the comedian filed against Caesars Palace is nothing to laugh about.

Dangerfield claims his eyes were burned in a steam bath accident at the Las Vegas Strip resort in March 1988, causing him to cancel a series of shows. He seeks $225,000 in disputed contract money, medical and legal bills and punitive damages.

Caesars has filed a countersuit, calling the comedian a ''malingerer'' and a hypochondriac.

Both sides say they expect the case to go to a federal jury trial after attempts to settle failed.

''I think that when they hear the medical testimony on his injury, they'll have a straight face. They won't find anything funny about it,'' Dangerfield's lawyer, Barry Langberg, said last week.

Caesars lawyer Timothy Hanigan said Dangerfield ''cracked a couple jokes during deposition'' but appears to ''be taking it seriously, as is Caesars.''


LAS VEGAS (AP) - Comedian George Carlin has canceled eight shows at Caesars Palace this week because of a musicians' strike there.

Even though he does not use music in his act, Carlin said crossing the musicians' picket line ''would create a very funny feeling in me.''

Musicians are picketing Caesars, Bally's and the Tropicana in a dispute over taped music and the hotels' attempt to eliminate minimum guaranteed employment for musicians in star showrooms.

Several other performers also canceled their engagements.


WINCHESTER, Tenn. (AP) - Dinah Shore, known by many in her home town as Frances Rose Shore, remembers some of her first performances in her father's store.

''Daddy would put me up on the counter where the twine was. He would say, 'Now sing, baby. Sing, Fanny Rose.' And the poor farmers would come in. I learned the value of applause,'' she said.

Winchester renamed one of its main streets Dinah Shore Boulevard and a high school band, drill team and baton twirlers entertained for her homecoming Monday.

''It's one of the greatest treats in the world when you dare to dream and have it come true and have a homecoming welcome in your home town,'' she told a crowd of several thousand.


HOUSTON (AP) - Country-western singer Mickey Gilley can try to satisfy a nearly $20 million judgment against a former business partner by claiming about 25 properties in Texas and Tennessee, including the famous Gilley's nightclub in Pasadena, a judge ruled.

Former partner Sherwood Cryer sought a temporary injunction preventing Gilley from taking over the holdings, but State District Judge David West denied it Monday.

Gilley won the judgment last summer when a jury found that Cryer had siphoned off large amounts of cash from joint businesses.

''I feel a lot more secure about the judgment now that we have control of the properties,'' said Gilley's lawyer, Tom Alexander. But he said selling off all of the buildings and land will still not fulfill the judgment.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Talk-show host Larry King and a Philadelphia businesswoman he met last month have decided to get married.

King and Julie Alexander, who has run her own executive headhunter outfit, Legal Placements Inc., here for eight years, met July 11 at an Easter Seals benefit.

After their first date Aug. 1 in Chicago, King popped the question.

The two plan to wed Oct. 7 at Duke Zeibert's, a Washington restaurant.

King sees nothing unusual in the short courtship.

''If you're 55 and have had a heart attack, what are you waiting for?'' he said. King had a heart attack in February 1987.

The two plan to shuttle back and forth between their careers and homes.

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