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Salavantis Wins GOP Nod Unopposed; Write-ins On Democrat Side Unclear

Eric MarkMay 22, 2019

After Tuesday’s primary election, it is clear that incumbent Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis will appear on the Republican line in the November election. It is not yet clear if she will face a Democratic challenger in November. Salavantis ran unopposed in the Republican primary. As of press time, she had accumulated 10,877 votes, with 157 out of 180 precincts reporting. No one appeared on the Democratic line in the primary. However, Salavantis and attorney Daniel Hunter ran write-in campaigns seeking the Democratic nomination. Results of write-in voting will not be known until at the earliest Friday, when the official vote count begins. If Salavantis receives the most write-in votes as a Democrat, she will appear on both major party lines in November and will be almost guaranteed to win a third consecutive term. If Hunter receives the most write-in votes as a Democrat, he will appear on the Democratic line in November. Hunter, 30, lives in Dallas and maintains a law office in Pittston. Salavantis, 36, of Kingston, was elected district attorney in 2011 and reelected in 2015. — ERIC MARK

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