Renowned trio to play Al. Ringling Theatre

October 12, 2018

Baraboo’s historic playhouse is offering three renowned musicians Saturday for the price of one.

Three celebrated artists will unite when the Windham Hill Trio performs at the Al. Ringling Theatre. Formed in 1976, Windham Hill Records united instrumentalists and continues to send a rotating roster of artists on tour. Pianist Liz Story, guitarist Sean Harkness and flutist Samite Mulondo will perform solo and ensemble pieces Saturday.

“These are outstanding musicians, each in their own right a solo star,” said Stephanie Miller-Lamb, executive director of the Al. Ringling Theatre Friends. “This should be an amazing performance.”

The trio is latest act in the theater’s “Living with ART” performance series. The Windham Hill musicians said they enjoy performing in a group as a chance of pace from their solo work. “There’s room for both,” said Samite, a native Ugandan who founded the international nonprofit Musicians for World Harmony.

“It’s usually people who get along and play together well,” he said of Windham Hill’s lineups. “It also makes it exciting.”

He, Harkness and Story have performed together many times before. “They’re just great spirits,” Story said.

She signed a record deal with Windham Hill in the 1980s. Her piano compositions have been labeled jazz and new age. “Call it whatever you want,” she said.

Harkness said he’s accustomed to the accompanist role, collaborating with a vast array of musicians. “Each informs the other,” he said. “I tend to be the glue that brings it all together.”

All three will play together, individually and in duets. “That makes for a nice kaleidoscope of performance,” Harkness said.

There’s something about instrumental music that creates an intimate atmosphere. “The overall experience tends to be a very personal one,” Harkness said. “They’re pleased with the musical journey we take them on.”

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