Letters To The Editor 12/15/2018

December 15, 2018

No real fur gifts

Editor: At Christmas gift-giving time, and throughout the year, many shoppers are duped into buying real fur masquerading as faux fur, thereby unwittingly contributing to the horrific torture and pain of even domestic animals.

What about your gloves, earmuffs, pet toys, accessories and trinkets? Sometimes, these are real fur from animals that are brutally killed and turned into collars, coats, cuffs and other products. They are often falsely labeled as either a different type of animal fur or faux fur, or not labeled at all.

These animals endure violent deaths to produce cheap trim for garments and other items. They are killed by the cheapest and most gruesome killing methods and are often skinned while alive.

Let this be the season of compassion for all animals, who deserve to wear the coats they were born with.




Retirees overlooked

Editor: The Lackawanna County commissioners have introduced an ordinance to raise their salaries and those of elected row officeholders.

I do not say that they do not deserve them. A Dec. 6 Times-Tribune article indicated that “it would be the first increase for those positions since 2003.” Salaries of county union employees have increased by approximately 40 percent since 2003.

Raises for retired county employees have not increased over approximately the past 10 years. Why are we forgotten? Our expenses rise the same as the commissioners and the working employees and yet we are getting older and not able to work.

The commissioners, salary board and pension board should get together and allot us a raise. It would help ease our burdens.



Editor’s note: The writer is a retired county employee.


Finest of fine print

Editor: I know that when The Times-Tribune decides to hold a contest, the applicable rules must be provided.

Can anyone read the rules that have been printed for the newspaper’s current “Survivor” football bowl game contest? Even with a magnifying glass, it was impossible to read.

Although I entered the contest, I hope that I didn’t agree to transfer my car to the The Times-Tribune.




Holiday message

Editor: This is my Christmas wish for you and yours in these troubling times.

I wish you love instead of fear. I wish you joy instead of sorrow. I wish you hope instead of emptiness. I wish you light instead of darkness. I wish you compassion instead of indifference. I wish you kindness instead of cruelty. I wish you peace instead of turmoil. I wish you gratitude instead of wanting.

At this very special time of the year, from my heart, I wish you all that is good. May God bless us each and everyone — then let us pass on the blessings.




Private sector praise

Editor: Would you be able to associate products with the following areas: Seattle, Milwaukee, Tampa, Groton, Connecticut; Pittsburgh and the Silicon Valley of California?

I’ll give you a hint: The products come, without exception, from the private sector. The associated industries promote employment opportunity, contribute to the tax base and promote the American dream by providing an environment for the pursuit of happiness.

So, I ask, what does the federal government make?




Casey needs advice

Editor: Regarding talk about U. S. Sen. Bob Casey running for president, how can someone who has to be told how to vote ever be elected as our president?

Only in the United States would someone suggest such a folly. But then again, you can never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public, which might elect him if he runs.




O’Malley leads way

Editor: Congratulations to Lackawanna County Commissioner Patrick O’Malley for his continuous efforts to bring Lackawanna County forward.

He has so many great ideas. He just doesn’t sit on them, he puts them into action, like the conversion of the former Globe store to a new county headquarters. Has anyone seen the news and the renovations that have been done there? Wow, I am impressed how that has taken off and the efforts to have memorabilia brought in to give it the old Globe store feel.

Now, with the establishment of a restaurant that will resemble the old Charl-Mont, there will be more revenue for the city. By having all county offices in one building, I think all the restaurants downtown will see an increased flow of patrons.

You hear how Scranton is starting to bring in people. O’Malley never just sits on an idea. He gets all the stats and compares them and he makes sure our county will benefit from it.

Then, if it is a moneymaker, he goes after it. In my opinion, he is doing a tremendous job and makes me proud to live in Lackawanna County.



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