What’s old is new again at PopCon

December 29, 2018

Despite folks wandering about dressed as robots or in futuristic get-ups from galaxies far, far away, one of the hot attractions during Saturday’s PopCon at the Grand Wayne Center was a throwback to simpler times.

Apparently, family board games are giving the likes of video game Fortnite a run for their money.

These aren’t the Monopoly and Sorry games of the past, said Carl Doninger of Indianapolis, organizer of the nerd-friendly pop-culture event marking its debut in Fort Wayne.

But with names like “Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire” and themes that allow players to, for example, imagine themselves as mob bosses and henchmen, the games follow the formula from years past.

Cardboard game boards, playing cards and tokens are staples.

“It’s different than video games because you get together with your friends or family around an actual table,” said David Hunter, of Fort Wayne, representing Arcane Wonders, which markets “Good Critters,” the gangster-based game.


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