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Ripken Lineup Card Battled Over

December 22, 1998

CHICAGO (AP) _ The Baltimore Orioles will have to wait until next year to learn who owns a carbon copy of the historic lineup card used in the game Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive-game playing streak.

Former Orioles manager Phil Regan filled out the original card Sept. 6, 1995, inserting Ripken into the lineup for his 2,131st consecutive game. Generally a manager makes two carbon copies, but because of the historic nature of the game, Regan made five.

It is Regan’s copy the Orioles were in court Monday fighting to win. Another hearing was set for Feb. 2 because attorneys were missing depositions from Regan, who is in Puerto Rico, and from his daughter.

Regan arranged for his copy to be auctioned off earlier this month, and a Baltimore collector bid $35,650, mistakenly thinking it was the original.

Outside the courtroom, the Orioles’ attorneys said they want to set a precedent with this case that ball clubs own these cards and anything else that is part of official league business.

The team wants to own ``All paraphernalia _ including the game cards, the ceremonial pens, towels, bats balls,″ Orioles’ attorney Richard Phelan said.

As for the remaining four carbon copies: the plate umpire for the game gave his to Bowling Green State University; the Babe Ruth Museum has one; Marcel Lachemann, the Angels manager at the time, gave his copy away; and the final copy went to Ripken.

Although the team has no intention of asking for Ripken’s copy back, attorneys said they may ask for the umpire’s copy.

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