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Pair of Tires Fly off Truck; Wreck House

August 23, 1988

YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) _ A half-ton pair of tires flew off a truck and into a house, dragged a water bed across a floor, broke through a wall and ripped a door from a teen-ager’s hand before imbedding in another wall.

The tractor-trailer driver didn’t know what happened until he was chased down by motorcyclist Tim Rice, whom the flying tires narrowly missed Monday.

The truck was rolling down Interstate 94 when the the tires flew off, nearly hitting Rice on a service drive.

Earl Carter, owner of the house, said the tires crashed through a bedroom window, pulled the bed across the room, tore through a bedroom wall, ripped a bathroom door out of his son’s hand and landed in the opposite wall.

″My boy was just getting ready to go into the bathroom, had just opened the door, and the tire took half the door with it,″ Carter said.

No one was injured.

State trooper Gary Gray said the single-story frame house was rocked from its foundation and the ceilings were destroyed.

Truck driver Francis Meldrum of Mount Clemens returned to the house. ″He was all upset, and very honest,″ Gray said.

The trucker probably will not be ticketed because maintenance of the truck is the responsibility of the owner, TRW Automotive Product Parts in Washington, north of Pontiac. No charges have been filed against the company.

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