edelkrone brings its latest product to its customers’ mobile devices before they may even buy it with Apple’s AR technology

October 3, 2018

ORLANDO, Florida — October 3, 2018 — edelkrone, a company well-known for its innovative filmmaking solutions, has presented its customers the experience of virtually placing the edelkrone setup without buying it with the AR feature of Apple.Upon Apple’s recent announcement of AR Quick Look, customers can now view the 3D models of edelkrone products directly through the Safari browser (on iOS 12 devices)—without the need for a separate mobile app or a headset. This way, users can get an accurate impression of the size, design and functionality of edelkrone products.

Apple’s big iOS 12 update was released in the late September and it brought a breath of fresh air in so many ways, particularly in AR technology.

As an online-only business without a physical location, edelkrone’s AR move seems like a part of the company’s efforts to appeal to its new customers. It also demonstrates how innovative companies can fit into a broader marketing strategy. edelkrone’s AR project team explains that the company will continue to bring edelkrone products closer to its customers in the future with the AR technology:

“We have wondered about how the physical dimensions and details of the products could become more experienceable in this field when AR becomes possible. Now, we are looking at short animations and more detailed models with all of our products by using this method of viewing, and whether there may be other opportunities to impact user experience. We are eager to take every opportunity to create a better way to explain the products.”------

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