Fewer calls for service a holiday tradition in Laughlin

December 20, 2018

LAUGHLIN — Tourism in Laughlin slows down in November and December. How does that outflux of people affect the crime statistics for Laughlin?

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Laughlin Substation Lt. Jeff Hewes, calls for service were lower in the months of November and December between 2016-18.

“For those three years, our average calls for service is 378 calls a month; while November and December calls for service average is 347 calls a month,” said Hewes. “It’s important to note that not all these calls for service represent an actual crime was committed. It simply states that a call for service was generated from a citizen or an officer.”

According to Hewes, the trend continues regarding burglary but stolen vehicles do see a small increase.

“In reviewing our burglary calls for 2016-18 we don’t specifically see an increase in people trying to enter a home illegally. This year burglary calls for service are lower for the month of November as compared to the yearly average. However, in 2016-17 we did see an increase in burglary calls for service in the months of November and December compared to the overall averages in those years,” said Hewes. “Regarding stolen vehicles, based on the data we have seen a slight increase in the months of November and December when compared to the yearly averages. For example, 2018 has a yearly average of 4.8 vehicles reported stolen per month compared to November and December where the average is five.”

Even though burglary calls are trending downward, Hewes said that one should still take precautions when leaving on vacation.

“Don’t advertise to everybody that you will be out of town, have a trusted friend or relative check on your house,” said Hewes. “If possible, have lights on a timer so your house isn’t dark at night, have your mail and newspaper delivery stopped while you are gone so they don’t pile up in sight.

“If you feel the need to post your vacation on social media, it would be a good idea to wait until you get back from that vacation so you don’t accidentally advertise that you are away.

“We see an increase in package thefts at this time of the year since more people are having online purchases delivered,” said Hewes. “Try to have your packages delivered when you know somebody will be home or have a trusted friend or relative pick up the package so it doesn’t sit in front of your home too long.”

According to Hewes, sometimes the best thing to do is to be a good neighbor.

“Watch out for one another and if you see somebody that doesn’t seem like they belong in your neighborhood, please call the police on the non-emergency line. That way someone will respond to investigate,” concluded Hewes.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Laughlin Substation can be contacted at 702-298-2223.

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