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Only one thing was stolen in three robberies of a health office _ fr

April 25, 1997

INDIANOLA, Miss. (AP) _ Only one thing was stolen in three robberies of a health office _ free condoms. And police are confident they’ve caught the culprit.

Roger Lee Townsend had 3,000 of the contraceptives _ in a variety of colors _ at his home when police arrested him. His pockets were stuffed with prophylactics.

``This case has to rank up there with the strangest we’ve ever handled,″ Police Chief Kenneth Winter said Thursday. ``I just don’t know what he was planning or what.″

Townsend, 23, was charged with repeatedly breaking into the health office.


ATHENS, Ga. (AP) _ A Georgia Bulldog is on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated. Not just any athlete, mind you _ the dog.

Uga _ pronounced Uh’-guh _ was rated the nation’s No. 1 college mascot in the magazine’s April 28 issue.

``If you can’t appreciate the swaggering gait and Churchillian physiognomy of UGA V, the Bulldogs’ bulldog, you must be a cat lover,″ the magazine declares.

Every Uga since Uga I has been a part of Savannah lawyer Sonny Seiler’s household.

Until now, the most famous was Uga IV, who figured in John Berendt’s best-seller ``Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.″ Clint Eastwood is filming an adaptation of the book and cast Uga V in the role.

``On the heels of being called by Clint Eastwood and told he’d been chosen to play his famous father in the movie, this is his second big treat in a week,″ Seiler said.


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) _ Justin and Tina Whitcomb have the inside scoop on running a small business. They’re professional pooper scoopers.

The Whitcombs clean up back yards in the Anchorage area. Mrs. Whitcomb got the idea after picking up her dog’s droppings. She told her husband, who thought she was nuts at first.

Mrs. Whitcomb also came up with the name, Scoop’n Doodles.

The couple charge about $35 for the average size yard and the average size dog. At first business was slow. Now, the Whitcombs said, they’re cleaning up.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) _ Life imitated art for a man charged with failing to return the movie ``Ernest Goes to Jail.″

Scott Rose, who was jailed for more than three hours after a complaint by a Blockbuster Video employee, sued the company last week.

``It just seems ridiculous to me,″ Rose said. ``I’ve never even heard of anything like that before, especially when (the video has) already been returned.″

Rose said he rented the movie last August and returned it the next day. Blockbuster said they never got it, and in January filed a criminal complaint for theft, seeking $31.80 in late fees and $12.95 for the video.

Rose’s lawsuit said he was arrested in January and held until posting bond hours later. The charge later was dismissed. Blockbuster declined to comment on the suit, but said its computers show the video was never returned.

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