Animal Control wishes residents a happy holiday!

December 15, 2018

“Sully, the service dog of President George H.W. Bush, keeping watch over his best friend. Rest In Peace, 41. Good boy, Sully.” -- Abigail Ogle, Oklahoma City news anchor.

’Tis 10 day before Christmas and all through the town.

Many pets are awaiting to be freed from the pound.

Some of them are strays while others have homes.

Still they are lost with nowhere to roam.

Attendants take care of their daily needs.

While all they wish for is being freed.

People use Facebook when their pets go astray.

Some of them are scared to come Animal Control’s way.

They may have a fear of enforcements and fines.

But their pets are more concerned with the waste of the time.

So if your pet leaves to run in the snow.

Contact Animal Control and the PD so that we know.

If we find your pet after being advised.

We can get it back to you to be by your side.

As the temperatures drop well below zero.

Report it to us and do not be a hero.

To “rescue” pet from its yard could be theft.

It could leave its owner to be in bereft.

We will investigate to the best of our skills.

And help the pet with all of its ills.

A license is needed for all dogs and cats.

Sometimes we have to deal with bats.

We will help you with all your pet bites.

And attempt to stop late night cat fights.

We respond when your neighbor’s dog barks.

We make sure the people pick up poop out in the parks.

We rid some wildlife from inside your house.

Unless of course it’s only a mouse.

Animal Control and the Police Department would like to wish you and yours a happy holiday.

Shawn Flowers is the lead officer for Columbus Animal Control.

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