‘GraTaTa Guy’ arrested in Easton domestic violence case

November 23, 2018

BRIDGEPORT - Social media sensation Bryan Silva had hoped for a quiet Thanksgiving dinner with his wife at her parent’s Easton home.

But the body builder, rapper, known as the “GraTaTa Guy” for the machine gun sound he made in his last rap video, found himself under the gun after his wife accused him of hitting her.

Looking a little worse for wear and wearing checkered pajama pants from the previous evening, the 27-year-old Silva was arraigned in Superior Court Friday afternoon.

Initially held in lieu of bond on a domestic violence charge, Silva was later released on a promise to appear in court on the recommendation of Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Damiani after she reviewed the police report.

Judge Tracy Lee Dayton issued Silva an order barring him from further contact with his wife, who was also charged in the incident, and continued the case to Tuesday.

Clutching his few possessions in a plastic bag, Silva declined comment as he left the Golden Hill Street courthouse.

In October 2016, Silva was sentenced in Virginia to more than a year in prison for an armed standoff with Charlottesville police.

It was while he was in a Virginia prison that he met his wife, 23-year-old Melissa Barney.

On Thursday, police said Silva came to his wife’s parent’s Easton home to reunite with his bride of less than a year. But police said things did not go well.

After the traditional turkey dinner, police said Silva fell asleep. While he was out his bride decided to go through his cell phone and discovered what she believed to be evidence that he was cheating on her.

Police said Barney became so enraged that she punched her sleeping husband in the mouth. She claimed he then punched her in the head.

At any rate, police said Silva then grabbed his suitcase and was heading out the door when his wife called 911.

“Barney stated that she loves Silva and didn’t want him to leave so she called police,” police related.

When officers arrived, on the call of an assault, they confronted Silva who was kneeling in the driveway trying to close his suitcase, police said. They said they saw blood on Silva’s mouth.

Police said Silva told them he never really knew what his wife was like and was now thinking of divorcing her.

Both Silva and Barney were charged with disorderly conduct. She was previously released on a promise to appear.

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