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AIDS Researcher, University End Talks

November 25, 1987

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Talks between Johns Hopkins University and AIDS researcher Robert C. Gallo to establish an international center for AIDS research ended after financial backing for the project was withdrawn, the university said.

Gallo, a scientist at the National Institutes of Health and one of the dicosverers of the AIDS virus, told The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun that he is continuing to talk to Yale and Duke universities about establishing the center there.

The financial backers of the proposal at Johns Hopkins ″have withdrawn their proposal,″ university President Steven Muller said in a statement Tuesday. ″Under these circumstances, the university no longer is engaged in discussions with Dr. Gallo but is continuing to pursue its own AIDS initiative.″

Gallo told the Sun that under a proposal from Nova Pharmaceutical Corp. the AIDS center would not have been a completely integrated part of the university, and he found that unacceptable.

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, a contagious disease that attacks the body’s ability to repel infection, had been diagnosed in 42,965 Americans as of Oct. 10, and more than half of them have died. No one is known to have recovered from AIDS.

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