DeKalb officials announce new credit card fees for payments to city

January 3, 2019

DeKALB – City residents will notice additional fees when paying by credit card online or in person at the Municipal Building starting next month, city officials said.

The city has been absorbing the costs of credit card processing fees for years, but the practice is no longer economically feasible, according to a city newsletter. The new fees are $3.25 a transaction for online utility billing credit card payments with a cap of $450 total amount due, 2.95 percent for all other online credit card payments; $1.95 a transaction for one-time online debit card payments, and 2.3 percent for all payment types at the counter.

If the total amount of the online utility billing credit card transaction exceeds $450, multiple transactions will be required, the newsletter said. The new fees come after the city adopted a resolution in 2016 to pass all credit card fees onto the end user for online and over-the-counter transactions payable to the city of DeKalb.

For information about credit card fees, call the city’s finance department at


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