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On the Light Side

October 25, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ If the Mets lose tonight’s World Series game to the Boston Red Sox, the city will be stuck with about 100 miles of ticker tape.

″We have to prepare and be optimistic,″ Barbara Lenefski of the city’s special projects office said Friday as 50 large plastic bags of ticker tape were placed along the traditional parade route on downtown Broadway.

Trans-Lux Corp., one of the few companies still making the fluttering stuff, gave the city the tape Thursday.

″You could say there’s about 100 miles of ticker tape in those bags,″ company spokesman Don Harrison said as they were dropped off on the City Hall steps.

″The press office has said don’t make this a big thing, we don’t want to jinx them, so we’re all biting our lower lips,″ Lenefski said.


CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Airlines is offering travelers between Chicago and Springfield a Halloween treat: flights in exchange for a pumpkin.

″They have to be real pumpkins, but they don’t have to be carved,″ said Edward Regaldo, marketing director for the airline.

The ″Pumpkin Fares″ will be offered on all Chicago Airlines flights between the two cities from Sunday through Halloween night, Regaldo said Friday.

At least 10 ″pumpkin″ seats will be offered on each flight on a first- come, first-served basis. The maximum number will vary according to the number of seats left unsold, but at least 500 seats will be available for the promotion, said Regaldo.

The tickets are one-way, but travelers may be able to catch a low-cost return flight if they have another pumpkin.


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) - Penn State University grads will be getting a sumptuous sniff soon when their chocolate-scented alumni magazine arrives in the mail.

The September-October issue of ″The Penn Stater″ smells good enough to gobble, thanks to chocolate-scented ink used for an article celebrating the school’s 20-year-old chocolate research program.

″We decided it might be fun″ to use the ink, said Assistant Editor Marjory Sente, ″because chocolate is such a popular flavoring, and we thought it just might be nice to enhance the chocolate article.″

If the sweet-smelling ink isn’t enough, Penn State chocoholics can gaze at the magazine’s cover. It shows cocoa beans, cocoa powder, chocolate chunks and bars, chocolate-covered pretzels, a chocolate ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce and chocolate mints depicting the university’s administration building.


HONOLULU (AP) - Bored with conventional aerobic exercises? An airline is offering passengers ″air-robics″ - an opportunity to wake up their bodies while flying high.

Hawaiian Airlines, which has daily flights between Honolulu and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Las Vegas, Nev., began offering air-robics to its passengers Thursday.

A fitness instructor leads a 4 1/2 -minute exercise program in a video called ″Body Boost,″ which appears on aircraft cabin screens with sound piped over stereo headphones.

″Before you go, let’s wake up the lower body,″ the instructor says.

The instructor then demonstrates a series of exercises created to increase circulation, stretch muscles and wake up passengers’ bodies.

The voluntary exercises are designed to make sure nobody’s seat space is violated by swinging elbows or flying feet.

″It’s not going to reduce your body’s reaction to time zone changes,″ said airline spokesman Elliot G. Pulham. ″It will revive your body from the effects of being sedentary for four or five hours.″

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