Council to talk compensation for acting city manager

April 6, 2019

The Ludington City Council on Monday will vote on approving additional compensation for Jackie Steckel for her time as acting city manager.

In January, Steckel was appointed to serve as the acting city manager until the new city manager, Mitch Foster, was hired and began work. Although Steckel was offered to be paid 100 percent of the normal city manager wages in addition to her salary as assistant to the city manager, she chose instead to be paid her salary and only 75 percent of the city manager pay, Steckel stated in a memo to the council’s Finance Committee.

Steckel stated she picked that wage percentage because that’s what other city staff members have been paid when holding the place of their superintendent.

“However, what I failed to take into consideration at that time is that I would still have my own job to do,” she stated.

Steckel served as acting city manager and performed her regular duties, resulting in work days of typically 14 to 16 hours for seven weeks, she stated.

Steckel is now requesting she be paid the remaining 25 percent of the city manager wages — $202 per week, or an estimated $1,414 total — for her time as acting manager from Jan. 29 to March 17. She is also asking to be paid the city manager’s car allowance for that time as well, since she used her personal vehicle to attend meetings on the city’s behalf.

To read the full story about the city council’s meeting agenda, check out the print or E-edition of Saturday’s Ludington Daily News.