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Woman Jailed Without Bond After Confessing to 18-year-old Murder

July 11, 1985

MIAMI (AP) _ A woman who confessed to killing her estranged husband 18 years ago in the notorious Biscayne Bay ″torso murder″ case was charged with first-degree murder and denied bond by a Dade County judge Wednesday.

Betty Evers, 55, admitted killing her husband, Henry Marriotte Evers of Marathon, whose upper torso was found floating in Biscayne Bay on June 3, 1967. Other parts of Evers’ body were discovered shortly afterward.

Evers was 59 at the time. Mrs. Evers and her oldest daughter, who was 15 at the time, identified the body nearly two months after the discovery.

Mrs. Evers first told police in Los Angeles two weeks ago that she accidentally shot her husband eight times, then cut up his body and threw it into the bay, said Los Angeles police homicide supervisor Russ Kuster.

Metro-Dade Detective Jim Radcliffe flew to Los Angeles, spoke to Mrs. Evers and then sent her a plane ticket. She returned to Miami on Monday and repeated her confession for police here, said Radcliffe said.

In a court statement filed Wednesday in Dade County, Mrs. Evers said she accidentally shot her husband eight times, then paid hitchhikers $500 to dispose of the body. She said she did not know how it turned up dismembered in Biscayne Bay, and confessed because she could no longer tolerate keeping the crime a secret.

″This caught a lot of people by surprise,″ said Michael Cornely, assistant state attorney in Miami. ″As of 1970 or so, this investigation was dormant.... All of a sudden, she walked into LAPD and said, ’I done it 3/8‴

After Mrs. Evers identified the body, she implicated a friend in the slaying. Because of discrepancies in witness’ statements, a Dade County grand jury declined to indict the man.

Since then, Mrs. Evers has served five years in an Alabama prison for violating parole on a forgery charge. For the past two years, she was employed as a domestic worker in San Diego.

Cornely said he believed Mrs. Evers killed her husband, who owned a machine shop in Rhode Island, because he threatened to leave her and take their three children.

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