Black Friday bonding

November 26, 2018

When I hear Black Friday shopping, I get very excited.

This is because my mom, sister and I are among the crazy groups of people who wake up before dawn to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We do this not only for the yearly experience, but also to bond with one another in a way you can only once a year. What other mother-daughter bond is there than to run around before the sun rises to find the best Christmas deals? Shopping in traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores is usually my way to go.

Crazy shopaholics like my family and me tend to enjoy a day full of shopping for the holiday. Black Friday brings both shopping and Christmas together in one day! It is a day when I can sing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs without the care of what other Grinches think because, well, most Christmas pessimists aren’t present at Black Friday shopping.

After my family is done stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving, we look at ads to write down a few things we would like for Christmas. After this, we draw names for secret Santa. We never start shopping before Black Friday. Thanksgiving for us is a day reserved to eat food and laugh at our uncle’s stories.

We hit the ground running, though, when we wake up early the next morning to get into our Christmas spirit.

Although my family and I like to shop in actual concrete stores, there are times when shopping online is genuinely the best way to go. The closer to the holiday the calendar gets, the busier shoppers usually are, so shopping online can be more convenient.

Nebraska weather can be another obstacle that is unavoidable. That random snowstorm can come out of nowhere and ruin shopping plans. In this case, I don’t dream of a white Christmas.

Also, when you live in more rural areas like I do, it’s hard to find a night when you can head an hour out of town to do another hour or so of shopping. It isn’t worth the gas to head out of town for a few trivial items or to swap out a piece of clothing to get in the right size. This is when taking 10 minutes to do some online shopping should seem more appealing.

But as a whole, I prefer to traditionally shop in an actual store with my family on Black Friday.

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