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New York City Probes Charge That Paramedics Let 10-Year-Old Die

March 14, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ Officials said Friday the city is investigating a girl’s death of heart failure after charges that paramedics refused to climb stairs to her family’s 12th-floor apartment.

Larry Simonberg, a press aide to Mayor Edward I. Koch, said today that Koch has ordered Victor Botnick, head of the Health Services Administration , to investigate and report back by March 24.

The investigation came at the urging of Rep. Stephen Solarz, D-N.Y., after complaints about the Emergency Medical Service in the death of Monica Jenkins, 10, of Brooklyn.

Stephanie Twin, the district representative for Solarz, said Friday that Monica’s family called for emergency help, but when the paramedics arrived, they were told the building’s elevator was not working.

″They told us: ’It’s not our job; we don’t have to climb stairs,‴ according to the girl’s brother, James.

Witnesses claim that after Monica’s father brought her downstairs, the paramedics put her in a wheelchair instead of on a stretcher, did not give oxygen or attempt to revive her, and displayed a casual attitude about wheeling her into their ambulance, Ms. Twin said.

Coney Island Hospital has said the girl was dead on arrival but that efforts to revive her continued for nearly an hour.

After the family complained to his office, Solarz wrote to Koch.

An EMS spokesman, Louis Cafiero, declined comment on the case, saying any information would come from the mayor’s office after the investigation is complete.

Ms. Twin said EMS officials said earlier in the week said the paramedics had acted promptly and correctly, and that the father had already brought the girl downstairs when they arrived.

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