Tim Benz: Why this Steelers-Browns matchup will be entirely different

November 12, 2018

When the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, there’s one thing that may be similar to the season-opener.

The weather. It’s supposed to be cold and rainy. Just like it was in Cleveland during Week 1 for that ugly 21-21 tie.

Aside from that, the game should be remarkably different.

The Steelers have an improving defense, a healthy offensive line and tight end unit, a better understanding of their running game and a passing attack that has gotten into rhythm.

The belief here is that the result will be different. The Steelers will avoid another distasteful outcome against their longtime division rivals, and these improvements will — dare I say it — result in a Steelers victory over the (not-quite-as-lowly-as-usual) Browns.

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