Animart expands into animal diagnostics business

March 13, 2019
Animart was founded in Beaver Dam in 1982.

Animart is moving into a new business.

The animal supply company announced on Monday that it will merge with Animal Profiling Inc., a company based in Portland, Oregon. Animal Profiling provides risk-assessment data and disease prevention for cattle herds, including screening them for bovine viral diarrhea, with the goal of reducing loss among the animals and increasing beef and dairy producers’ profits.

Animart itself provides products and services for the health and growth of farm animals, including vaccines and vaccines and pest control. The merger creates a new sector for a company that has rapidly grown since it first opened up in 1982 under Jim and Ruth Metz of Beaver Dam, who remain on the Animart board.

“We see diagnostics as the pivotal tool to assist producers in continuing to deliver safe and nutritional products to consumers, and the acquisition of API is a bold step in that direction,” said Dan Ellsworth, Animart president and CEO.

Animart has exploded in size over the past few years, outgrowing its 50,000 square-foot corporate facility in Beaver Dam more than once, creating a presence in about 15 states and and over 50 countries while more than doubling its employee roster.

Animart’s veterinary customers will be able to take advantage of the new tools provided by API’s data-driven services. The goal is to create more detailed and productive treatment plans and be more precise about the use of drugs on animals, lowering their use and raising profits for producers.

API will remain based in Oregon. The company has been around for more than 15 years and has customers in 45 states. It has tested more than 4.4 million cattle and dairy animals for the viral diarrhea disease.